Ab März 2020 werde ich nur noch alleine in meiner Praxis tätig sein.
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Ich bedanke mich für die 9 jährige vertrauensvolle Zusammenarbeit in der GAP Praxis.

Bedingt durch die Kontaktsperre in der Corona Pandemie sind situationsgerecht Behandlungen derzeit und bis auf weiteresnur per Videocall möglich.

Ich bin für Sie unter Telefonnummer 061 261 02 13 erreichbar.

Ich bedauere die Umstände unter denen wir alle im Moment leiden. Lassen Sie uns gemeinsam das Beste daraus machen.

Dr. med. Gabrielle Kleiner-Ziegler

Therapy Approach

Initial Meeting
The primary purpose of the initial meeting is to clarify your needs as well as your expectations and fears regarding the therapy.
At the start of the therapy sessions a thorough medical history and somatic assessment of your symptoms is carried out. If needed, various laboratory checkups are also carried out.  Psychotherapeutic considerations and planning is carried out in accordance with a detailed psychodiagnostic evaluation in the form of a standardized diagnostic interview for psychological disorders (DIPS). In addition you will receive various questionnaires for different tests at the beginning of therapy and after three months which help to document and monitor the progress in therapy.
Analysis of the goals and the planning of therapy
After the evaluation of the diagnostic results the therapist will discuss the diagnosis and give you essential information about the disorder, the treatment and the therapeutic approach. After this the special way and the type and frequency of the therapy meetings will be agreed upon in accordance with the psychological diagnosis.
In accordance with our holistic therapy approach another focus in our therapy is that we offer additional kinds of therapy (physical therapy, body therapy, mindful based cognitive therapy, social competence training in individual and group therapy settings). Medication like, for example, antidepressants are carefully monitored and offered as an additional remedy only if needed.
Our therapy is Resource, connection and solution-oriented.
The focus is on your own resources. In addition, there is a major concern to actively support change to the unfavorable behavior patterns. During the therapy you develop, together with your psychotherapist,  first the factors that have led to the emergence of the disease and are responsible for the persistence of the problem, before progressing to the next treatment step, the development of individual solutions to the therapy focus.
Throughout the treatment process we would also like to offer concrete exercises to increase your mindfulness and become better aware of your body in order to   recognize and be able to react early on Stress signals to your body.