Youtube - by Hans-Jürgen Kleiner



Art is the world in which broad personal expression is possible which in the functional, occasionally dry, occasionally cold, grey world of society and market economy is not always possible or even wanted. Art is the "Yes" to expression, expression of feelings, to finding one's identity and the source of life. In art there are no rules - here nothing is wrong.

Originally I had hoped to be able to actively promote Creative Art Therapy as a core part of our therapy offering including art, music and dance. For a while we provided it as a complimentary part to our other therapies but as this was not reimbursed by the health insurance companies, we had to discontinue this offering.

However most of us in the GAP Team and many of our friends create art. Here is a result of this year by Hans-Jürgen Kleiner namely "U-Tube" a statue inmarble from Pietrasanta where I paint and create statues myself.

We encourage our patients to actively look for a location outside of the GAP Practice, to find a location for expressive art or an art studio or a teacher to support them in finding a means of expression that works well for them, be it statues, pictures, music or dance. It is astonishing what impressive momentum arises which also helps our work and lets us see the joy in the eyes of our patients. That is the greatest Thanks for us.